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tomorrow. they vote to suspend their seven day strike and tonight both sides are claiming victory. >> this time our taxpayers are paying less and kids are getting more. >> good evening. our top story seen around the country tonight, chicago public school teachers and students back in the classroom tomorrow morning the announcement made at about 530 this evening. it took months of meetings, hundreds of hours
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of negotiation and seven days of a full-fledged strike in tonight a resolution outlast. the contract is done and tomorrow kids return to class. more than two hours behind closed doors and then teachers and the delegates left the union hall. she sat down for the first time in a long time with a smile. >> i'm so glad that we're going back tomorrow with the kids. it means a new day and a new direction for the chicago public schools. in this contract we gave our children a seat at the
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table. it's been a long and challenging road for the two parties. sunday the big surprise delegates wanted more time to discuss the intricate details of the contract and finally today delegates gave the proposal the green light roughly 26,000 union members will vote on it in the coming weeks. >> there is no such thing as a contract that would make all of us happy and we are realistic about that but the other issue is do we stay on strike for average until every little thing that we want is capable of being caught on? >> now that negotiations are over our most important work begins providing every child in every community of chicago and education to maximize their potential. the meier tonight
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emphasize his push for the longer school day as well as a meaningful teacher evaluation and talked about higher pay for teachers and higher quality education as a result the teacher seemed quite happy about the small but important victories they pointed out a new lesson plans and anti bullion language for teachers. the strike is indeed over, sepias kids will be back in school on wednesday. was a roar of affirmation from the delegates 800 of them voted overwhelmingly to get students back in the classroom. chicago teachers
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union delegates burst through the door of the union hall excited to share the news. eager to return to work. it's important to stand up for what you believe in, for what's right. and there will be a lot of big hugs and happy smiles. the vote was 1 to suspend and not end the contract. we are dedicated teachers and we do care about the students regardless of what our maher says about us, we do care about them and that's why we went on strike. >> delegates taking the outline of the proposed contract talking over engaging opinions for members at their school in
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the and delegates say this battle was never about dollars and cents but common sense for schoolchildren. it actually had to be written in a contract that we had to have books the first day of school? at the end of the day i am satisfied. >> a range of emotions, satisfaction for some and relief for others, members will continue to review the contract in the days ahead and it will
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still need to be ratified, in the words of one delegate, this fight is not over. >> sean lewis continues our coverage of this time in old town. >> it may feel like the first day of school all over again tomorrow morning everything will be back to normal buses running on time school will start on time and students if you had homework assigned to you before the strike started, you will be to get it done. teachers rejoiced about the end of the seven day strike. there are a lot of parents who it was really difficult for them. they found common ground at the end of this long road.
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>> i feel great about it. >> it's been a frustrating challenge and it's actually quite surprising. after the strike and scrambling to make plans for her girls testing her patients. it's been tough for the teachers in for the parents and obviously tough for the kids and i think now it's a really good time to move forward and i think next week i will feel much better about moving forward and hopefully having this come down. it's a feeling echoed across the city would do what to say to your teacher? >> one of the big question still remaining when will those days be made up, the seven days
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missed during the strike? they are still working with the chicago teachers union to make sure when those days will be made up. tonight's state education officials say the last two days of class's at lake forest high school while the teachers have been on strike should not count. the school board withdrew a salary offer after 14 hours of negotiations the two sides went back to the table this afternoon with the union expected to present its salary proposal the education officials didn't specify why the last few days of losses would not count. the school district spokesperson says she had not heard about that. chicago police arrest one of their own, a veteran officer who trained rookie cops accused of taking
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bribes. nearly three-quarters of $1 million of drugs taken off the streets. romney sticking by controversial statements he made about voters during a private fund-raiser. this was the coolest day in chicago and 100 and daisyin 110 days.
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ot sfilodour
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♪ introducing free layaway at kmart. it's a great time to get shopping. if you are flying american airlines this fall be where because flights are being cancelled right and left 100 pilots expected to pick it thursday at o'hare the canceled 61 flights today far more than any other carrier. they say they are reducing their october schedule but up to 2% management claims that pilots were calling in sick there is bad blood as america fights to get out of bankruptcy and imposes wage cuts. you may call
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the second chance agency if he tried to reduce your taxes and lost you can try again by going to the cook county board review two men who work there are under a federal investigation charged with accepting bribes. first, we learned that by tomorrow morning at 930 the bird must turn over records to a grand jury the federal subpoena obtained by wgn is demanding all tax complaints and appeals filed from july 1, 1920 08 to december 30th its 20 08 the same time. these employees were accused of taking bribes but our investigation on the probe may go beyond the alleged bribe takers. this time it involves five properties in suburban coke owned by center point properties those
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properties got tax reductions center point would not comment saying the subpoenas were not directed at them we also tried but were unable to reach the tax attorney involved. of course we will keep trying and report back on things that we learned coming out of this grand jury investigation and romney taking heat from the left ear and the right over secretly recorded video at a fund-raiser while he is standing by his controversial statements. a win in court for the royals over the topless photos but that doesn't mean the controversy is over. [ female
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republican presidential nominee mitt romney trying to get his campaign on track after a secretly recorded video surfaces characterizing president obama supporters. mother jones magazine published that video romney made the remarks at a fund-raiser in florida back and make it also said that palestinians have no interest in pursuing a peace agreement with israel and achieving a positive state is not possible. it's not elegantly
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stated i was speaking off the cuff in response to a question and i'm sure i could state more clearly in a more effective way that i did in a setting like that, we don't even have to question the full response and i hope the person who has the video would put out the full material. >> vice president joe biden responded to run these comments during an event in i was saying that the words speak for themselves. clint eastwood joked with entertainment tv show expert saying if someone is dumb enough to ask me to go to a political convention to say something they will have to take what they can get and he said that if asked to do it all over again he wouldn't be afraid to one more time. a french court ordered closer magazine to hand over topless pictures of the duchess kate middleton and the next 24 hours and ordered to pay
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a fine a source close to the royal family said that they welcome to the injunction criminal charges are now being considered for invading the royal couple's privacy. illinois senator mark kirk is still recovering from a stroke and issues a call to action in his words and a new video he urged lawmakers to solve the state's pension crisis in save its credit rating. it's time for decisive bipartisan action to make sure that our state does not have the worst credit rating in all 50 states. >> illinois has the worst credit rating in many states. chicago
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police arrest one of theirs on suspicion of taking a bribe and 18 year veteran accused of taking a few thousand dollars to waive a traffic case. he trains rookie cops for the police academy, superintendent gary mccarthy says there is no room for crooked cops on the force. >> i'm happy to report that we arrested him and for a couple of thousand dollars an officer that has been in the department since 1994 just probably gave $1 million away between his salary and his pension. investigators wired up an informant who had a video of the crooked cop taking the money. prosecutors say a carnival worker shot video of the attack between an adult and child he could get life in
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prison. synthetic pot dealers targeted by cops they seized more than 100 lbs. of synthetic cannabis $350 $350,000 worth. police say that a lot of the drugs were hidden in hollowed out cans and candy wrappers. putting the paralyzed back on their feet in a breakthrough. and an exotic animal ended up in one neighborhood.
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in tonight's medical watch science fiction its rehabilitation with the flip of a switch a paralyzed person stands up moves forward and feels the sensation of being able to walk again. i always say it beats sitting. >> a tiny computer motorized tip and knee joints this seemingly simple strap on
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skeleton pushes paralyzed patients forward. ready for a walk? darlene's last step was in a van in 2010 on her way to new orleans a business trip to make a delivery she and her cousin and boyfriend drove through the night. a life changing mistake. >> the driver had fallen asleep so we had gone four lanes over and i screamed his name and he woke up and he jerked the car and we went into a rollover and i got impacted from so windshield. >> for spinal cord was severed and she was permanently paralyzed. from that moment the only way to get around was on wheels. that is in till she was
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asked participate in a study of the exoskeleton. it's like one of those things of someone being like the one to test drive my ferrari? it was unforgettable. first a harness and with some patras' even that was relief. when i'm standing here i can talk to you guys and look you in the eye and did such a great feeling and in a chair you can do that. with this device she can control our own destiny carefully calculated mechanics figures out the person's weight shift 1 ft. in front of the other. it will try to replicate the walking and as she gets better the device recognizing
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that she is leaning forward. into eventually eliminating some other complications triggered by paralysis. after sitting in a constant posture your digestive system and all of the regulations... >> they will study the impact of the exoskeleton and on the body. it's absolutely exciting for us to know that we can have people move independently without having someone constantly needed to be with them. in england this woman took the device home strapping it on to conquer the london marathon and inspiration for darlene after completing the chicago marathon on wheels she has now set her sights even higher asking her therapist for
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permission to climb the willis tower to raise money for the rehab institute. she has such determination. the rehab institute is looking for more people to test the exoskeleton anyone who was paralyzed from the belly button down is a candid it. if you haven't already cover the plants tonight the first taste of fall means frost and what areas could be most susceptible overnight the forecast is next. growing out your
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excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool.
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introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. if you are out west of the city you could have frost tonight. there could be some patchy fog around. already down to within 14 degrees of freezing. it was a beautiful day today, look at the waves across the lake at the michigan city wave house or lighthouse. it might have been a wave house. you know that tomorrow as the winds turned around we could build waves to
9:32 pm
14 ft. as we warm into the '70s. look at the range shaft coming down and here we captured last night storms coming in nick is a professional photographer into does great work thank you for that. somebody else wrote and said why were cloud so interesting looking today? that was an interesting observation we had some puffy cumulus develop. their ratings still on parts of michigan on the other side of the lake but it's going to be a beautiful day tomorrow just very windy. there is damage from florida through maryland and the washington d.c. area all the way to new york state and
9:33 pm
these are the storms that did it. cool air was making its way out east. the lake affect iran's are now starting to fade away. we have another front coming into a pretty good storm here and this thing is a wind machine and it will come in tomorrow there are still watches for thunderstorms in possible tornadoes for the extreme east coast and also some wind advisories and skill warnings out in the lake. don't be surprised if a red flag warning is issued for us. here in
9:34 pm
chicago we lost 15 decreesdegrees. hawkethese are the current thermometer readings but here are the dew points. we have two points in our whether boggs stations. these are the levels at which temperatures may bottom out as we get away from the lake into the warmth of the city and to the far western suburbs. 54 tonight in this city 44 at highland park and 46 at mchenry. there you can see some of the
9:35 pm
temperature warnings in parts of minnesota in wisconsin. that is our record low tomorrow morning. it's still warm out in the plains and that's an indication that strong winds have developed tomorrow with a gusts of 45 even 55 mi. per hour in the afternoon. winslet now are north at seven. i mold spore count and our headline is for this windy warm-up tomorrow but another good amount of chilly air and the next seven days are all below normal as you can see right here. we will talk some more about how warm that will get tomorrow and how long the brief warm-up may last and also
9:36 pm
how cool it is going to get this weekend. tonight cleared and colder. tomorrow partly sunny and turning very windy. hi 72 tomorrow. partly cloudy and maybe a brief shower. low-mid- 40s in the suburbs. the next cold front hits on friday. it will be a cool weekend around here. >> 29 million american jobs are up for grabs what you do not need to get hired.
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these are my polar bears. he used to wash them in hot water. he didn't get the irony. i'm not the tree-hugging type. but i am the saving money on energy type. so we switched to the cold cycle and with tide coldwater his teddy bears are clean. polar bears. that's our tide for conserving energy. the defense in the christopher vaughn murder trial rested its case today bonn is accused of killing his wife and three children in the family vehicle in 20 07 his lawyers claimed his wife was distraught about his
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infidelity and was on medication that could make her violence, but others argue that he murdered his family as a plan to escape to canada and he did not want to testify in the trial closing arguments will take place thursday. northwest indiana signed a plea deal admitting that he took an underage girl across state lines for sex. he was fired after leading the first baptist church the 54 year-old preacher confessed he was in a relationship with a 17 year-old girl his plea filed by the federal court admits that he had sex with the girl while she was under his care and use the computer to get her to contact him illegally. a massive massive burmese python. animal control officers removed this yesterday party say this snake was sluggish into nonaggressive
9:41 pm
possibly because of the cooler temperatures. no word yet on how we got there. i prefer sluggish python's. pure terror for this on live tv. la sweetie, you have
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response you will get in some cases we are the ones that end up looking bad. this reporter was covering a fall festival for good day colorado. >> get that camera off of my face. >> dan and don't make him cry. and i felt terrible. >> a cute little baby. it happens, where you going to do? we have a beautiful day and tomorrow it's just going to beat wendy that's going to warmus sat briefly before the next cool air
9:46 pm
mass thompson the pineapple express is running into the west end of the continent look at that loma of moisture heading up towards alaska. it delivers warm wet air and heavy rains but a boggles the jet stream way up into the arctic at theas it delivers warm air. look at the forecast for tomorrow which shows that storm passing up by the canadian border increasing our wins it will pass through with a shower tomorrow night. before it gets here here are the wins tomorrow morning. a closer look at how
9:47 pm
temperatures tonight will drop off. tomorrow night fairly cool away from the lake. 68 tomorrow probably even 72 and 70 on thursday. a partly cloudy day and only around 60. a look
9:48 pm
back at the strike, amazing images of the seven day labor fight that kept chicago school kids out of class. we have to work as hard as we know how and we have a responsibility to end this strike. in the morning no cta members will be inside our schools. this strike is not necessary, totally avoidable. it's about quality education not being in the classroom and 100 degree weather in the summertime and social services, there are lots of other issues and they haven't even touched them. this is not the behavior
9:49 pm
of a group of people that are serious about the interests of our children. we either do this together in some sort of reasonable way or we will always be fighting. we made some movement on some issues that they had so both sides are coming together. we have 48 articles in our contract, we have agreed to 6 so to say that this contract will be settled today is lunacy. a judge of
9:50 pm
course denied the restraining order earlier today we are watching and waiting for word from the chicago teachers union at this hour. this settlement is an honest compromise it means returning our schools to their primary purpose. do you feel very positive about moving forward, we feel grateful that we have the united union and that when the union moves together amazing things happen. class tomorrow ratification by the full union in the days to come. the white sox enter their personal house of horrors in kansas city trying to find a way to grind out a win. dan roan is
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next in sports. ot sfilodour sweetie,
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the sox did well again today and tonight they go against kansas
9:54 pm
city the world's have beaten them 10 out of 15 coming in. and tonight it was back to the normal formula of victory. a leadoff spot to the white sox and this is how you lead off a game right here, he crashed into the right-field bullpen and the sox have a one-nothing lead which they gave up in the bottom of the sixth. there was no question here devon floyd came right back with a shutdown and he went seven very strong tonight and he left with a lead that's as far as i have seen one hid in kansas city. the sox win their fifth straight with 15 games left meanwhile in detroit the tigers against the oakland
9:55 pm
a's. third inning cabrera got that 1 39th of the year gave the tigers a 3-1 lead and later on its cabrera again the fourth player to hit 40 homers this season this one was a grand slam the tigers win 12-2 and they are now still within three of the white sox. hannigan wins this one with the bases loaded he clears them off. those are the only runs in the ninth for the reds. the cubs have just one and the reds win 3-1. j. cutler address to the incident on his radio show today is the kind of apologized for the physicality of it but says he didn't see
9:56 pm
anything wrong with yelling at web. it was a swinging door at left tackle and color made his displeasure well understood and in front of everybody. today he had a chance to answer back. >> i probably shouldn't have bumped him i will go with that as far as me yelling at him and tried to get him going in the game i don't regret that but i should have bombed tim i will stick to that it was an emotional game i put a lot into playing quarterback and i take it seriously. it's one of those things that happened during the game in since then we have talked about it we are moving on. he is our left tackle and he is my left tackle and i expected each and every week to play the front level. in the meantime
9:57 pm
its rainbows and shamrocks where the irish are out in three for the first time in the decade. now they have to deal with michigan quarterbacks robinson who has lit up the irish for almost 100 yds against the last two seasons brian kelly knows where robinson is. he is a difference maker so we have to find a way to limit the play just like we had the first few weeks, we gave those up in the running game in year one and we gave them up in the passing game in your 20 we have to eliminate and control those big plays that are out there and to do that we feel pretty good. notaxe era detergent
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